digital marketing life cycle


Everyone is discussing digital marketing and experts acclaim it’s the best approach to grow an online business. Digital marketing alludes to any online assistance or resource. Digital marketing (web, web marketing, email advertising) is an umbrella term for a wide range of web-based advertising. This includes PPC, SEO, email advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and web-based. Digital marketing is a very reliable and effective service that helps you to introduce your company to people and convince them to buy your products. Moreover, you must understand the concept of the digital marketing life cycle.

Digital marketing life Cycle:

The digital marketing life cycle scales well and works for many organizations and also gives them a great benefit. Because Technology plays a very vital role. And this will help the organization continues to grow, which is enabling businesses to connect to their audience more than ever before. In this blog, we are going to discuss some important and useful stages of the digital marketing life cycle.

digital marketing life cycle

  • Introducing your digital marketing strategies(know thyself):

At this stage, digital marketers must need to know about what their company is trying to accomplish. And they must ask themselves if the company’s goals include elements. Those elements are break down into five design principles. Namely, (Humanistic, actionable, testable, clear, and ensuring happiness). What is needed in modern goals to meet these goals? The advertising cycle is ideal. In short, we say that to boost up your business you should focus on the goals. That you need to accomplish through your mission and borrow further to find the difficulties you face simultaneously.

Know the question is what happens if your goals are Humanistic, actionable, testable, clear?

  1. If your goals are humanistic, then the marketer focus on their audience interest. Rather than making guess about the solution.
  2. If the goals are actionable then marketers should use short-term goals o achieve long-term goals.
  3. If goals are testable marketers should identify metrics. That helps in evaluating their progress.
  4. If the goals are clear, marketers increase and create difficulties for their success
  • Implementing and Engaging the audience:

In order to grab the interest of an audience, many digital marketers invest resources. They use different techniques for this like, pay-per-click advertisements,  and SEO (Search engine optimization), etc.  On the other hand, the most common means of communication is email. It’s everywhere, Everyone knows how to use it, and it’s not up to the users to find it. For this, permission-based email marketing grabs traffic or subscriber to an email newsletter. And this will actually feel good when marketers send something.

This stage centers around building a relationship with your customers. Focus on commitment and discussions that will prompt achievement. The aim for engagement will lead to success.

  • Conversion Process:

After engaging the audience, your business or company moves towards the conversion stage. This means that now the time to see the results. Contingent upon what you are attempting to achieve, expanded patient solicitations, expanded income, and improved wellbeing and health brand steadfastness are instances of objectives during the Conversion stage.

During this stage, You may find that your campaign trends show you areas that need to be tweaked a bit. We encourage you to pay close attention to this statistic as it will help you make educated decisions that will lead to greater success.

  • Understanding client desires and give them a comfort zone:

In the digital marketing life cycle, this is a very important stage.  Because the satisfaction of your client or customer and its comfort is very important for your business.  Sometimes at this point, the client should lose interest. Because they are not getting satisfying results. But you need not worry at MR GEEK (digital marketing agency) We understand your desire to follow the path you have already taken, especially if it works.

But for those who are not understanding this, we say that. If you don’t always find ways to improve your marketing, you are ruining yourself.

  • Observe and Beneficial Growth:

At this stage, very few marketers should reach. But those marketers who reach this stage are very lucky. Those who follow all the stages consciously and understand them completely are genius. So, come to the point if the marketers are hosting their website with a web hosting company. And  IT department should be at their disposal, they should have access to trafficking tools like Google Analytics, etc. And when the marketer gets access to their web traffic report. Then there are four points to be focus.

  1. Get page views: Download one page one time
  2. Visits: visiting a site one time at browser
  3. Visitors: visiting a site limited amount of time in a specific period
  4. Conversion: a visitor answers a call to action

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